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Show your mother you’re becoming a man.

Mothers work and live to support their children, you.

They support you, they buy and cook your food, help you with your homework, clean up after you,buy you nice school clothes… iron them, get you the latest Jordans, buy gas to take you to school or practice,  throw you birthday parties, meet with your teachers, buy your game consoles with the expensive games!

On top of what they want to do for themselves, they support you first!

As a parental obligation, this is mom’s life, it should come natural as a parent. Today is mothers day and what do you do…give her some flowers, take her to dinner, on just this one day. For the other 364 days what do you do? What should you do? What is your role in the household?

This blog is not about your mom, this blog is about you. Mothers put themselves second, you need to put them first. You’re never to young to help moms out. Do more around the house. I don’t want to call them chores because everyone has to clean up after themselves. Mom doesn’t have chores, but they’re the same identical tasks; ironing your own clothes, cleaning up after yourself, washing the dishes, pumping the gas, vacuuming the carpet. Yeah, you can do that!

I’m not suggesting you do these things because you’re supposed to, I’m saying do it to show your appreciation for your one and only mommy. Go to school, do you homework, get good grades, this is all part of it. So she can feel like she’s supporting the good that you do. Your mother can feel happy with the young MAN she raised. Make her proud every day of her life, why?…for nothing that’s why. She deserves it, she gave you life.

Two last things cause my I’m spending time with my mom right now…

1> You go to  school and get good grades because you need to start being responsible for YOURSELF. Your mother can’t continue to do things for you, you have to take on the responsibilities of a man. Cook, clean, work, pay bills, pay rent…yes…it’s your turn. Do it…right now.

2> As you start to do more around the house for your mother and yourself, you’ll pick up these good habits. You’ll feel better about yourself, it’s a man thing. When you get older, these habits will attract women that appreciate those habits. There are random things that attract women, but a man that works and takes care of himself will will attract the right women.

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers and NEW mothers!


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