To the black men taken from us…Happy Belated Fathers Day

This past fathers day weekend there were shootings in affluent locations in the DC metropolitan area, Tyson’s Corner mall and U Street NW. Also on this weekend, I saw videos of huge packs of 20 or more dirt bikes and ATVs lawlessly riding on the Washington Mall. The mall area has serene Smithsonian museum architectures, monuments and attractive tourist areas. The swarm motorized dirtbikes fearlessly rode pass the African American History Museum, the Washington monument, on the grass, through red lights, flooding past tourist, visiting families. The pack left a smell of gasoline, tracks in manicured parks and cloud of exhaust and dirt. It was embarrassing, not a cop in site.

What’s also missing from this tragic equation…fathers.


Why are our kids out of control, why is there such a disrespect for authority, lawlessness and chaos? Where have the kids been taught respect for others, consequences, an understanding of what it means to earn a living and how to be good citizens? What’s the reasons for this behavior in our youth? What’s the big picture? What’s the cause?

-In the 60’s there were welfare programs that provided incentives for black women to have children as long as the father was not living in the household. Functioning men no longer had a foothold in their own household with the option of welfare available to mothers. Mother had an option of using welfare to support them without the father. (Women, mothers, this is not about you, keep reading please. Rest in peace Kevin Samuels)

-At the same time, our trusted investigation agency was targeting and orchestrating the extermination of our black male leaders.

-Police were and are still murdering unarmed black men for minor offenses without any disciplinary actions.

-The justice system was and still is imprisoning black males at disproportionate rates.

Black people make up 13.4 percent of the population, they make up:

  • 22 percent of fatal police shootings,
  • 47 percent of wrongful conviction exonerations, and
  • 35 percent of individuals executed by the death penalty.

US prison workers produce $11billion worth of goods and services a year. (New Slavery)

We’ve all heard this before. Unlike any other demographic, functioning black men deal with this individual threat to our existence every day.

When you remove fathers from families you lose;

  • The Provider.
  • The Protector.
  • The Leader.
  • The Teacher.

You inherently remove the order, structure, discipline and sense of consequence from the youth.

The original question…why the youth is recklessly and lawlessly behaving without restraint?


When you systematically oppress, murder, disproportionately mass incarcerate the male individuals of a race for decades you produce a generation of disrespectful, undisciplined, economically disadvantaged adolescents. This generation has lost it’s rudder. Some of our children do not have a basic understanding of how to operate as a citizens in this country. The don’t have any valid definitions of masculinity. The examples presented to them taunt them with ideas of prosperity and wealth without providing them with the tools to realistically achieve a basic economic platform.

So when you see this erosion of ethical and moral behavior in our black youth, look at our history. Examine what’s been done to the men and their community then use that lens to understand why our youth have no idea what they are even doing wrong.

Happy Belated Fathers Day to the brothers missing, absent or killed during the construction of this dream that is America.


Ps…to keep it in the spirit of Pride month, I want to say, I applaud your communities efforts in getting LGBTQIA laws passed. For your community, equality is on the move! I love the way our black community has aligned with you and witnessed your discrimination Title IX & VII laws being drafted and passed.

BUT…what policing laws have been passed that address the black communities long standing issues? Alongside all the progressive laws for the LGBTQIA, what significant laws have been passed for the my community? More specifically where is the LGBTQIA’s community support towards passing laws that affect the black community?


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  1. Nadhege Ptah


    I’m soooooooooooooo tired of this. My next newsletter was to honor the importance of men. My brain is blank from the chaos of the world. Keep writing!!!

    This video explains it all about eliminating alpha males👇.

    One love, Nadhege Ptah Actor, Writer, Producer, Director, Dancer P : 1-800-606-3810 E : W : W :


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