A passage from “The 12 Universal Laws of Success”

There are four types of people in the world.

  1. The Players
  2. The Watchers
  3. The Wonderers
  4. The Wanderers

If life were a game of baseball, the Players would be the people or teams on the field. These are the ones that have sacrificed and practiced until they are the best that they can be. They generally do what they love and love what they do. They reap the rewards of their efforts. The players use their powers to make things happen. they reach within to that well of power that they have developed to get the desired results. The Players take the risks and get the rewards.

Need a grand slam – Got a grand slam.

The Watchers are the spectators sitting in the stands watching others play the game of life. Watching somebody else get the money, the recognition, and the girl. Everyone who is not on the playing field is a spectator.

True Watchers are the people who never really try hard at anything. They may dream of being a Player, but at the first signs of difficulty, challenge, or disappointment, they discard their dreams and scurry off the playing field of life, silently vowing never to try that again. These wannabe Players take their seat in the stands with carefully crafted excuses and explanations for not being in the game. Watchers are generally people who had a dream, but let it be compromised. Watchers often say, “I should have done this, or I could have been that, but I’ve had a good live.”

The Wonderers are the people in the parking lot outside the stadium where the game of life is being played. They hear the sounds of the players and the spectators, but they are not a part of the game. They know something is going on, but they must wonder what it is, since they can’t see. Wonderers learn about what’s going on secondhand. They live their lives responding  to outside stimuli, and developing other peoples’ programs. they often see the world in terms of would have, could have, and should have.

The Wanderers are the people who are lost on the dirt road to the freeway, to the parking lot, outside the game of life. they have no idea of what is going on, and no plans to find out. The Wanderers are like thistles in the wind. They blow from pillar to post, without goals, plans, or roots. Ruled by their addictions and their appetites, they live for the moment and nothing more.

Book: The 12 Universal Laws of Success, Second Edition Expanded

Author: Herbert Harris

I like this passage not for the roles, we’ve all heard them before, but for the rationale that define each role.

Which one are you, which one do you want to be?


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