Surviving an encounter with a police officer

There’s been debate, Facebook posts, YouTube feeds, news broadcast, and blogs about the Mike Brown killing and the  unrest in Ferguson,Missouri. There’s a lot of dynamics to this incident and I want to be as transparent as I can. I want to avoid being reactive and weigh in with an analytical view. I wanted my own anger and frustrations to quell while I watched what develops. That being said, I’m not racist, but I’m aware that my love for good, civil, intelligent black people in comparison to my lack of patience for white people who turn a blind eye to what’s happening in this “free” country can be misconstrued as racist. I’m aware of that. I have white friends that I hold close, very close, and I hope not to offend. I’m sometimes militant and my opinion on the past, present and future of race relations in this country. Black people are dying at the hands of the very people that we pay to protect, so I feel some of us could endure some brutally honest discussion and video.

The target audience for this blog is young black males. I had the challenge of addressing what’s age appropriate and what feelings do I sensor for the integrity of the blog. One day as a father, I will have this same challenge. My options are to spare the truth of the world or do I prepare him for it. Well I expressed some real honesty to the youth, YouTube speaks for itself. I’d rather scare and prepare my youth now than cry for him in the grave. To express my opinion about the subject, I have to give some examples of relevance. I may stray a little bit to make various points but stay with me. I hope all of you reading this benefit somehow.

Ok…disclaimers out of the way.

I want to get this out to my audience as to associate some reasoning with circumstances. Reasoning is used loosely here, and I apologize.  There’s been much reaction to what’s happened, after Trayvon Martin being followed and killed, Eric Garner being choked on the sidewalk by cops and then Mike Brown being shot 6 times from a distance while his hands were up, reaction is what you would get from most people of color…including me. In the last months I’ve viewed so many video feeds of white police officers behaving aggressively with unarmed black citizens. I want to provide some tips to survive an encounter with a police officer.

To survive an encounter from a police officer consider these tips:

  • If you get pulled over, don’t make any sudden moves. When he is talking to you, before he or she approaches the car and after the officer goes back to his car, don’t make any sudden moves.
  • Keep your hands where the officer can see them.
  • Before you reach for anything, tell/ask the officer, “Can I go in my glove compartment to get my paperwork?”
  • Don’t have your hands in your pockets, Manuel Loggins Jr., a Marine sergeant expressed a “mean” expression kept his hands in his pockets that caused the sheriff’s deputy to shot him three times through a window in front of his daughters.
  • If a cop happens to be Black, African-American, Spanish, or another minority, it doesn’t mean he or she is “cool”. You still must speak to them as if your life depends on it, because it does.
  • Just because a cop is a minority don’t assume you can talk to them casually or like they’re your friends because they “understand black people” and they won’t lock you up.
  • If a cop happens to be White it doesn’t mean he’s out to get you or lock you up and you can ignore or disrespect him. Yes, he may not be in a good mood but you being disrespectful to him is not going to raise your chances of survival.
  • Don’t walk towards them too fast, even if it’s for 2 cans of soda, they will get out of their vehicle with weapons drawn and kill you. Kajieme Powell was unarmed, shot and killed for walking towards cops too fast…over two cans of soda.

  • Don’t reach for your wallet, Amadou Diallo was shot 19 times in Feb 1999 when he reached for his wallet.
  • Police officers don’t care what day it is, you will can get killed after your bachelor party like Sean Bell on Nov 2006. Bell was 23 years old, and was to be married the next morning.
  • Ramarley Graham was 18 years old when police ran in his apartment and shot him because they thought he was armed. He was in the bathroom with a bag of weed.
  • Don’t argue with the cops, in July 2014 Eric Garner argued with the cops and they choked him to death.

  • Lastly and this is the one that I feel is just blatant racism, and a double standard, if you are black do not get out of your car and approach or attempt to talk to the cop as an equal. I see white people do this all the time but I NEVER see black men allowed to do it. Don’t get me wrong, you are equal but after being pulled over is not the time to prove it.

I bring these incidents to the front to make a point that it doesn’t matter what the reason, you want to survive the traffic stop or encounter. This is NOT the time to be cool or ignorant, some cops don’t care, they face death every day and sometimes don’t have the patience for your ignorance. Yes they should be more sensitive, but that’s not what we’re talking about, we’re talking about SURVIVING THE ENCOUNTER. Also, like I said, I’ve watched many videos lately with aggressive behavior from a police officer, but I have to remind myself and  consider that I may not be seeing the entire video. Some things may have happened to upset the already stressed and underpaid officer, black or white. Regardless, the officers are supposed to “Protect and Serve” however they deem appropriate.

I’m hoping that the people of Ferguson will be that catalyst for positive change but I don’t know.

A little off topic but I like this one…it’s just funny. Watch the video of a business owner being framed:

A cop may yell, “stop resisting arrest” or “stop reaching for my gun” regardless, keep you’re hands in the air unless you have video you can’t prove the you’re being framed or arrested. In this video and white police officer and a Spanish police officer beat and abuse a black man for nothing. The black man would be in jail if it wasn’t for this video.

I don’t know what to tell you, You Tube is great.

Things are getting better but just keep in mind what’s at stake when you encounter a police officer. Try to survive.


“Why is it deemed justifiable and appropriate for cops/police
officers to kill other cops (friendly–fire) and citizens?
Why do cops kill?
Are they not taught to maim or slow down someone running
or reaching for a weapon?
If not, why not?
Why do cops kill first and ask questions last?

Why are police officers being military trained?
What can we as citizens, taxpayers, and voters do to stop these
killings and beatings of unarmed people?
Why do we let this continue?
How many more must die or get beat up before we realize
something is wrong and needs to be changed?
Will you, a friend, or a family member have to be killed or beaten
by a cop before we realize that things have to change?

Who’s here to protect us from the cops when they decide to use
excessive force, shoot multiple shells, and/or murder us?”
Obiora Embry

A friend David Miller M.ED is making some moves in the front lines, just wanted to share his insight in our fight.



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